Creative Ways in Making Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to treasure special moments. Collecting and saving precious keepsakes, like photos and mementos, is all one needs to start a scrapbook. Scrapbooks can be created for many reasons, such as a travel scrapbook or a baby scrapbook. Whatever the reason, there a number of creative ways in making scrapbooks.


Digital Scrapbook

Scrap-booking is not limited to a physical album and printed photos. If your specialty is technology rather than arts and crafts, then digital scrapbooking is perfect for you. There is plenty of software available to help you create a scrapbook with the photos you’ve saved on your devices. Some of these programs require a subscription fee while others are free to download and use. Digital scrapbooking also allows you to add audio and video to your scrapbook to make it extra special.


Map Scrapbook


Using a map instead of regular paper for a travel scrapbook is a creative way of highlighting the places visited. You can stick your photos and other keepsakes on top of the specific destinations they came from on the map to remind you of your trip. You can also cut out your photos in the shape of the country or state you visited and see how much of the map you can fill up.


Incorporate Your Own Creations


Scrapbooking isn’t only about collecting and saving keepsakes. You can also create your own mementos if you are artistic. You can draw pictures or design crafts inspired by the subject of your scrapbook. For example, rather than including a photo of the Eiffel Tower from your trip to Paris you can design and build your own little Eiffel Tower out of paper to add to the scrapbook. This is the type of scrapbook best for when you are compiling your most stylish bridesmaid dresses.


Using Flora


Including leaves and flowers in your scrapbook is a creative way of adding a natural element to your memories. You can include flora from native plants in places you’ve visited, flowers from your favorite season, or even a part of a wedding bouquet. There are a number of tips and tricks to using flora including drying them, coating them, laminating them, or storing them in a plastic sleeve. Always remember not to pluck all the flowers or leaves from a plant.


Using Printed Screenshots


Screenshots are a creative way of incorporating digital mementos into scrapbooks. You can take screenshots of meaningful items in your phone and print them to add to your scrapbook. This can include special text messages such as birthday wishes or comments from a Facebook post. You can also screenshot and print weather forecasts or news items from special days, such as the day your baby was born, to add to other mementos from that day.


These 5 creative ideas in making scrapbooks are just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many other creative ideas you can apply to help preserve and present memorabilia that is meaningful to you. So what are you waiting for? Get scraping and try out these ideas today!